North York Chrysler Service Center in Thornhill ON
As your car service center in Thornhill, North York Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service department is here to serve your needs. We offer a full array of services, including the popular Mopar Express Lane, so you keep your vehicle in top shape.  Read more >

Why to Balance and Align Your Tires When You Swap out Your Season Tires?
As we head into fall and winter, the experts at North York Chrysler want to remind you that the end of October and the beginning of November is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for winter. One of the biggest changes you need to make is swapping out your regular tires for winter tires. These tires are specifically designed to give you more grip on winter surfaces but are too soft to keep on the entire year. When you bring your vehicle in for this particular car maintenance service, it is also the right time to make sure your wheel and tire balancing and alignment are correct. The Service Centre at North York Chrysler wants to share with drivers around Thornhill, ON why it is so important to get a proper wheel alignment when you change out your seasonal tires. Read more >

Seven Ways To Keep Your Vehicle In Tip Top Shape in 2017
No one wants to spend extra time at the repair shop or the dealership, even though many of them have some sweet perks now like Wifi, snacks, workstations, and big leather chairs. Still, no one is going to mistake them for a day at the spa (unless your dealership has that too.) Therefore, you should make every effort to keep your car on the road and in top shape.  Read more >



Get Your Car Spring Ready!
Let's face it, your car took a heck of beating this winter driving through all the snow, slush, ice, and worst of all, salt. Since spring has just about sprung here in Canada, the experts at North York Chrysler think it is the perfect time to share some of our favourite spring car maintenance tips.  Read more >


7 Easy Summer Car Care Tips

With rising temperatures and more hours of daylight, summer is the perfect time to get out of the house and hit the open road! As a Toronto Jeep Dealer, we're big fans of summer road trips-near or far, it's more about the journey than the destination. As long as the songs are cranked up and the windows are down, a good time will be had by all…if your car is running properly, that is!  Read more >


Is Your Vehicle Ready for that Fall Road Trip

Nothing beats a road trip with your friends and family. Getting away from work, school, and day-to-day life can be fun and relaxing. However, before you hit the road for a fall road trip, you need to make sure your car, truck, or SUV is ready to handle the rigors of the road. It's important to remember that fall weather in Ontario and Canada in general, is not always predictable.   Read more >


How to Winterize a Car

As winter sets in for a long stay, it is time to get serious about winterizing your car. Snow, ice, slush, and wind can make maintaining your vehicle and staying safe, difficult. That is why the team in the North York Chrysler Service Centre wants to give you some expert advice on how to properly winterize your car. Not only will these tips help you protect your car from the elements, but they will also make driving safer until spring arrives once again.  Read more >

When and Why Should I Switch to Winter Tires
It was certainly a long summer around here. According to The Weather Network, this past summer, Toronto experienced its hottest daily mean temperature ever at 23.07°C. When it has been that hot, for that long, the experts in the Service Centre at North York Chrysler don't blame you if the 2016-2017 winter is not weighing on your mind right now.   Read more >


Safety Checks
At North York Chrysler, we are fully aware that a properly functioning car is critical to your daily life. Whether it's getting to work, driving the kids to school, or feeding your family, a healthy vehicle can mean the difference between success and failure. Consistent maintenance has many benefits including fewer repairs, lower cost of ownership, higher resale value, and a longer life. Read more >

Why You Should Always Get Your Car Serviced at a Dealership

No matter what kind of car you drive there is going to come a time when you need servicing or maintenance. Because you live a hectic life, you might be tempted to try to save time by skipping the dealership and using any mechanic you can find. The experts at North York Chrysler understand you're busy, but we can't stress enough why this is not the best idea in the world. Read more >


5 Signs Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced
Most of the time, the majority of us will take our car starting as soon as we turn the key or press the button for granted. That's fair enough as today's vehicles are extremely reliable on the whole, and most of us think of a breakdown being something that happens as we're driving along and something fails so we have to pull over. There are many, many vital systems that have to keep working to keep your car running as it should, but the battery is among the most vital. It doesn't matter if your oil is fresh, your filters are clean, your timing is spot-on, your tires are properly inflated and your fluids are at the right levels; if you have car battery problems and your battery dies, so does everything else. So, here are five signs to look for to identify if your battery needs replacing before it's too late.  Read more >

The Four Keys to Wheel and Tire Care
Keeping your car, truck or SUV on the road is extremely important to the service experts at North York Chrysler. We have always had a strong commitment to providing our loyal customers with expert advice and the most current information on all makes and models including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and FIAT. That is why we thought you would appreciate a closer look at the four ways that we work every day to keep your wheels and tires running at peak performance.  Read more >

Air Conditioning Care
Keeping your vehicle's air conditioning system in top shape has many benefits. First and foremost, if your air conditioning is working properly, you and your family will stay comfortable during the summer months and any other time the temperature rises. It is also helpful to increase visibility by both demisting and defogging your windows. However you use your air conditioning, it is important that it is ready to work at full power when you need it the most. At North York Chrysler, the experts in our Service Centre thought it would be helpful to tell our customers in and around Toronto, how they can keep their air conditioning system running at peak performance all year long. Read more >

Importance of Your Cabin Air Filter
If you live in Greater Toronto Area, then you are aware of all the time you, your friends, and your family end up spending in your car, truck, and SUV. Whether it's quick trips to the market, commuting, or even taking vacations, you rely on your vehicle almost every day of the year. While most drivers pay close attention to the health of their engines, brakes, and suspension, sometimes we forget to take air quality inside our car into consideration. Sure, if your wet dog jumps in the back, you notice the smell, but the actual quality of your air is extremely important to everyone's health.  Read more >

Reasons to Service Your Cooling System
There are many reasons to avoid having your car overheat. For one, it is the most common reason for mechanical breakdowns that can inconvenience you or even lead to unsafe situations. The best way to stay away from the dangers of engine overheating is through a healthy and well-maintained engine cooling system... Read more >

Steering and Driving Safety

For most of us, when we hear a strange noise in our car we usually just hope it goes away. There is also the "turn up the radio" strategy, but most experts will tell you that neither is a good, or safe idea. If those noises come from your steering column, it is critical that you pay attention.... Read more >

Reasons to Replace Your Drive Belt

The drive belts in your car affect everything from air conditioning and power steering to the alternator and water pump. Older cars use separate belts for those things, and newer cars use a single serpentine belt to drive them all.  In either case, belts do wear out over time because of the constant friction, and the fact that they are exposed to contaminants such as grit, salt and water.  The good news if you have a serpentine belt, is... Read more >

Reasons You Should Service Brakes
At North York Chrysler, we take the safety of our customers seriously. That is why we put so much emphasis on the performance of the brakes on your new and pre-owned Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Fiat vehicle. Other than a noticeable loss of stopping power, there are a number of signs that it is time to get your brakes serviced by the knowledgeable professionals in our Service Centre.  Read more >

Reasons You Should Service Transmission
Today's modern transmissions are extremely complicated and need specialized care and attention. These wonders of technology are made up of hundreds of parts that must operate together in precision to ensure optimum performance and timing. At North York Chrysler, we are experts when it comes to all the transmissions available in new and pre-owned Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, and Fiat vehicles.  Read more >

10 Signs of a Failing Transmission
When it comes to prolonging the life of your vehicle's transmission, the best approach is to keep it serviced on a regular basis. A well-maintained transmission can actually outlast the car itself. For good reason, most transmission problems require immediate attention.  Here are 10 signs of a failing transmission.  Read more >

Reasons To Service Your Fluid System
Your Vehicle is a major investment and may be dependent on everyday life. Checking the fluids regularly prevents breakdown, mechanical damage and accidents.  Read more >

Transfer Case Service Repair
There are many different parts of your car that you must keep in top shape in order to stay on the road. One of the most important is the transfer case. This critical part is a gearbox found on most four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles... Read more >

Fuel System Maintenance Service
Keeping your fuel system in top condition is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance. Daily driving can easily introduce contaminates to your fuel system such as water and oxygen if you have a diesel powered vehicle. There are telltale signs that your fuel system is contaminated including... Read more >

Oil Changes - How Often is Often Enough

One of the most important things you can do to protect your vehicle's engine is to keep a close eye on both your oil levels and oil filter. At North York Chrysler, we work hard to educate our customers about the benefits of timely oil changes and regular oil filter replacement. Read more >


What Is That Warning Light
No one likes peering down at the display and seeing a warning light or indicator. We've all had it happen, and usually, you just want to ignore it and hope that it goes away. While this might be your first reaction, it's not a great idea to make it a habit. Read more >

What Is That Leak
When you see a spot or stain on your driveway or in your regular parking space it can make your stomach turn. It usually means that fluid is leaking from some part of your vehicle, and that there may be a problem. Often you can identify the source of your leak by the color, smell, thickness, and their position under your vehicle.   Read more >

What to Do if Your Car Overheats
It's finally summer and time to enjoy some freedom and the open road. While this is the moment you've likely been waiting for after those brutal winter months, balmy weather can come with its own challenges, and a car overheating is definitely one of them.
Embrace the summer heat and keep a cool head by handling an overheating car with these simple steps. From taking care of the issue on the spot to determining if you need a mechanic, here's what to do.  Read more >

Your Car Won't Start
There is nothing worse than getting in your vehicle and discovering it won't start. You turn the key or push the button a few times and you either hear clicking or nothing at all. Thankfully, the service experts at North York Chrysler can help you diagnose this common problem. When our own mechanics and specialists face this difficulty, they turn to a simple but effective four-step procedure to identify the most likely problem.  Read more >


Understanding Your Car's AC
It's hard to imagine the world before air conditioning, especially when you are driving in rush hour traffic in August! It's not well known, but according to Automobile magazine the 1940 Packard was the first car to offer factory-installed air-conditioning. Thankfully, the trend caught on and by 1969 over half of all new cars sold came with life-changing A/C.  Read more >